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Owners of successful, established businesses.

We recognise the time and energy taken to succeed and excel in business. We also recognise that as your business has grown, your personal financial planning may have been overlooked.

In the same way that you delegate your accountancy and legal services, you want to delegate your personal financial planning to a well qualified expert.

We specialise in financial planning for business owners; assisting you to best utilise your position as a business owner to take advantage of various tax saving and pension planning opportunities.

Our lifetime cashflow planning approach will help you to ascertain the cost of the lifestyle you wish to lead now and in the future, and to understand at what stage you can take a step back, retire, sell your business, or pass it on tax efficiently to your successors.


Recently widowed.

We understand that you are experiencing a traumatic time, and not in a position to make long-reaching financial decisions.

We recognise that sorting through financial paperwork and filling in forms is not what you want to do, although you know it is necessary.

We can help you to assess and complete the paperwork relating to a death claim and the deceased person’s assets, and build up a picture of where you are financially after the dust has settled.

In the early months after a bereavement, it is likely that you will want to maintain a substantial cash reserve, until you have a better understanding of your inflows and expenditure as a single person. We can recommend a cash investment strategy that will ensure that your cash deposits are secure and tax efficient, with the aim of earning a competitive interest rate.

As you rebuild your confidence and your life, our lifetime cashflow planning approach will help you to ascertain the cost of the lifestyle you wish to lead now and in the future, and to understand what you can afford to spend, give away, or pass on tax efficiently to your family.


Inter-generational financial planning.

It is likely that you will come to us initially for financial planning for youself or your immediate family. However, as your financial plan develops, it may become apparent that the implications will reach into your wider family.

For many of our clients it is important to see the wealth of the older generation pass down to children and grandchildren tax efficiently.

It is also important for many clients to ensure that the elderly members of their family are secure and comfortable in their later years.

We specialise in inter-generational financial planning, ensuring that for families with considerations such as these, wealth can be distributed effectively, in the most tax-efficient way.

If required, we can also enable the younger generation to access expert financial planning, funded by their older relatives.

We specialise in ‘sleep at night’ financial planning, so whatever else in life you have to worry about, you needn’t worry that your money is exposed to unnecessary risk.

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