Welcome to Mackenzie Financial Planning.

We provide a bespoke, individually tailored financial planning service.

Our clients are typically individuals who are, or have been, business owners, senior executives or in the professions and individuals who have significant levels of income and / or wealth.
We also specialise in helping clients with ‘new wealth’. This may be as a result of inheritance, or other windfall. You may be recently widowed, approaching or recently divorced and require guidance from a trusted advisor on the new challenges of managing money in the short term, then developing a medium and long term financial plan to support the life you want to love and live.

Our priority is ‘sleep at night’ financial planning, so whatever else in life you have to worry about, you needn’t worry that your money is exposed to unnecessary risk.

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As a Financial Planners we understand that life is about more than money. Yet money is an important resource that if managed correctly, can provide the foundation for the life that you envision.

Financial Planning

Next to health your money is likely to have more impact on your quality of life than any life skill. It’s important if it allows you to enjoy what is important to you.

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About You

You really care about your future, value professional input and advice, you require and expect the highest levels of client care.

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