14 Aug 2019

Mackenzie hit gold! We’ve been awarded the pension transfer gold standard. Pensions and the legislation around them have become more and more complex over recent years; pension transfers in particular can be complicated, and there are lots of things to think about before going ahead with transferring your pension. It is for that reason that […]

30 Apr 2019

At Mackenzie Financial Planning, we’ve launched a new initiative to take money management sessions into Bury primary schools  – to gear children up for a healthy financial future. We kicked off our “Cash Savvy Kids” campaign at St Andrew’s Primary School in Ramsbottom – and had a fantastic time. We’re passionate about the importance of […]

23 Apr 2019

Amanda Bradshaw joins Mackenzie Financial Planning bringing a wealth of experience in financial services across banking, life insurance, insolvency, pensions and fund managing, which she has gained in several leading organisations. She said: “From my first interview, I knew that Mackenzie were the company I wanted to work for. Everyone is extremely friendly and passionate […]